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Sep 15

BJ Brown, Account Executive

Overseeing hundreds of shows from concept through execution has prepared BJ Brown for his new role as Account Executive at Event Tech. With an MBA from Loyola University and a B.S. in Technology and Management, BJ brings diversity and experience to our team.

BJ has been involved with technology for over 40 years. Starting with the US Army’s Computer Systems Command he worked as a programmer and project manager. He progressed to a Network and Systems Programmer - developing new software applications - all before the internet changed the world.

With skills picked up along the way, BJ became involved in the special events industry, first running a technical staffing company before transitioning to a production management role at one of Maryland’s finest event solutions providers.

Billy is actually BJ’s given name but no one calls him Bill. When he’s not golfing, BJ spends time writing a book about his family member’s involvement in an attempt to overthrow a foreign government. It's a great story. Ask him about it!

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Sep 26

For more than a decade Event Tech relied on the Shure UHF-R series for all wireless microphone applications. We recently turned over our inventory, selling off all the old gear and buying new Shure ULX-D Digital Wireless systems.

Jun 14

For many years we've used the terms lectern and podium interchangeably but if we want to get technical (have you met us?) the reading desk with a slanted top where you put your speech is a called a lectern.