Display Lectern – Another Place to Show Content

Besides traditional wood and acrylic lecterns, Event Tech also offers a Display Lectern option, great for showing a corporate logo, the name of the presenter, the title of the conference, or any other video content you can think of. Static images can be loaded via USB drive or the display can be connected to a video switcher for dynamic images that can compliment the stage set or other elements in the room.

The overall dimensions are 30″ wide x 24″ deep x 46″ tall. The lectern’s top surface is 30″x18″ and includes flush-mount XLR jacks for microphones.

The Display Lectern fits into any event where a presenter is addressing an audience. It can be the singular piece of equipment for a small room, showing a PowerPoint presentation to a few people. On the other hand, the Display Lectern can be integrated as one of many video elements in a production, controlled by the video director and made to blend-in or stand-out as needed.


After years of calling these things podiums, we’re really trying to use proper, consistent terminology and call them lecterns. It’s hard though.

Lectern: a stand used to support a book or script in a convenient position for a standing reader or speaker; especially one from which scripture lessons are read in a church service.

Podium: a low wall serving as a foundation or terrace wall: such as one around the arena of an ancient amphitheater serving as a base for the tiers of seats, or the masonry under the stylobate of a temple.