There are so many terms used in the audio visual industry it may be challenging to figure out which company to call when you need help. The same equipment can be used in your conference room at work, your kid’s school, and at the awards dinner. How do you know where to start?

Companies and customers use different terminology based on their personal experience. If there was an AV club in your high school I’m willing to bet you get a certain image in your head when anyone mentions audio visual services.

Companies that provide sound, lights, video, and staging equipment for one-off events are part of a relatively small, niche industry described by a variety of names:

  • event production
  • audio visual services
  • presentation technology
  • show support
  • event rental and staging
  • special events technology
  • show technology
  • AV services
  • event technology

Every firm has a slightly different mix of skills but the fundamental need of our customers is always the same, to communicate a message.

Event Tech has more than 30 years of experience helping customers amplify, magnify, and beautify their ideas. In the Baltimore and Washington, DC region our particular craft is called special events production or audio visual services and when there’s something we don’t do it ourselves, we know experts who do.

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