For more than a decade Event Tech relied on the Shure UHF-R series for all wireless microphone applications. We recently turned over our inventory, selling off all the old gear and buying new.

Our clients’ needs were the driving force that led to the purchase of 32 channels of Shure ULX-D Digital Wireless systems. In small meeting rooms with high wireless channel counts we would get complaints about the size and appearance of our front of house tech areas.  It became obvious that the console and outboard racks would have to shrink.

While there is plenty of reason to geek-out over the technical specs, upgrading to ULX-D has practical benefits for meeting planners and anyone who cares about the look of the event. Most importantly, the tech area can be smaller and less noticible to attendees.

Ok, time to geek-out.

  • The increased density of the ULXD4Q Quad Channel Digital Wireless Receiver allows us to pack more channels into a smaller space.
  • The Dante network connection on the ULXD4Q along with some off-the-shelf network switches allows all of the wireless audio to get to the console over one CAT-6 cable (with a second cable for redundancy), so no more heavy, copper audio snake running through the room for guests to trip over.
  • Control data from the ULXD4Q can be monitored natively on our Yamaha QL5 console, meaning we can hide the wireless rack anywhere and still see battery status as well as RF and audio signal levels on the console screen.
  • Better audio quality! 24-bit digital audio allows greater than 120dB of dynamic range, which is 15dB better than the old UHF-R.
  • Allows more channels to operate in a smaller frequency space.
  • Compatible with the newest FCC spectrum changes.
  • Already owned by many of our local vendors. We always have access to more channels!

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