Does your meeting planner know that when you use in-house AV services, part of your budget goes right back into the hotel’s pocket?

Ever wonder why the in-house AV bill is so expensive? AV companies pay a portion of their earnings back to the hotel or convention center for the privilege of being positioned in-house. That premium shows up as part of your total. You’ve already paid for the ballroom and the catering, and on top of that, they manage to get a portion of your AV budget as well. What if you were able to spend that money to make the event better?

Have you noticed that events in hotel ballrooms mostly look the same? Did you ever think about why? The in-house AV comapny has a limited inventory of equipment they try to optimize by setting up the same way over and over again. There aren’t many options for you as the customer to express yourself or be unique.

When you use an independent event production provider, they are dedicated to you and your event, not worried about the other show down the hall. Your ideas are no longer limited by the equipment in stock. Event Tech has the flexibility to provide solutions for different budgets and if we don’t have a piece of gear, we can get it. With your concept and our creative support we provide custom stages and sets, help with the decor (furniture, tableclothes, centerpieces), make sure the lights match your company’s logo, and design custom signage and branding to make your event stand out.

Put more of your money to work for your event by hiring an independent production company.

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