USAF Band performs using hygiene shields at MGM National Harbor, The Theater

(Photo credit: Eric Maynard.  The United States Air Force Band created a safe live event by using hygiene barriers and HEPA filters along with air scrubbers in order to perform their Annual Holiday Concert 2020 “A Season of Hope” at The Theater at MGM National Harbor, Maryland USA)

So you’re planning a live event? Not everyone has had their vaccinations yet?  Decreasing the chance of having a super-spreader event is on everyone’s mind these days.  We know a few more things about producing safe live events than we did a year ago:

Before the Event:

1) Outdoor events are safer.  Book an outdoor venue if at all possible. The odds of catching COVID-19 indoors is 18.7 times higher than outdoors according to a study by Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.

2) Indoor venues can be improved with ventilation.  Have a plan to open doors, windows and include the use of HEPA filters along with heavy-duty air scrubbers when possible.

3) Seek planning guidance on having a safe event.  We recommend the newly updated Event Safety Alliance’s Reopening Guide. 

During the Event:

4) Masks & social distancing are going to be with us for a while longer.  Double-masking can block 92% of infectious particles. Recent reports show that behaviors learned during the pandemic have been helpful during the regular cold and flu season.  Also, we have the new COVID variants in our midst.

5) Limit the length of the event.  The longer the time spent in an area, the higher the chances of exposure to infection.

6) The use of Plexiglass hygiene shields or barriers can limit the spread of airborne infectious particles. They create a physical barriers against the droplets. We’re excited that the U.S. Marine Band recently called us to assist with the 46th Presidential Inauguration by supplying hygiene shields to make their live event much safer.

For more information on how we can assist with live safe event management or production please contact us for turn-key packages.  Packages include staging, audio, video/camera, lighting and truss structures. Give us a call at (410) 360-5006 or email us at [email protected].

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