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With isolation comes loneliness, depression, and anxiety. Social distancing and stay-at-home orders have created new challenges to how we celebrate milestones; graduation ceremonies, weddings, birthdays, retirement parties, funerals, etc.

Ritual celebrations are important because they provide structure in an unpredictable world, they help people make transitions from one stage of life to another, they foster and confirm connections, they create memories and they preserve our social fabric and culture.

Churches and schools are the bedrock of our communities and while we can’t shake hands or hug one another, what remains irreplaceable are the mental & physical health benefits of belonging to a group and feeling socially connected. It’s one way we assure each other that we’re alright and we’re going to make it through together. We are not alone. Research has shown that “social connectedness” is at least as beneficial for your health as quitting smoking or regular exercise.

While many churches already employ live streams and webcasts, the idea of the drive-in church being that hybrid between being at home alone and being in an enclosed building with a large group of people is something to consider.

The concept is not new, it originated in the 1950s in Garden Grove, California with the Crystal Church. Similarly, schools and universities are not strangers to online learning and webcasts, however, the concept of the drive-in graduation is something that is new. How do we come together in celebration but still remain safe in our own space?

All that’s needed is a large parking lot and a position for a stage that can be enhanced with large video screens for better visibility. Everyone tunes in to the same FM station on their cars. Instead of clapping, there are horns honking. Music can be live (social distancing rules apply) or pre-recorded.

rendering of cars at drive-in event

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